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Since 2004 I have conducted informal gatherings with the goal of furthering children’s personalities, knowledge of music, and promoting a healthy relationship between the child and the world.

I work with children (and their parents) through various courses, and I also extend educational programs of kindergartens and schools.

Due to time constraints, I cannot open regular courses to the public in the current school year (2018/2019), however we can meet at the Noticka children’s club, at Smiling Baby School or at Hanny kindergarten.

I will inform you of special events on this website and on my Facebook page.

Honza Prucha



My main tools are:

  • Sound and music: I believe that there is far greater potential in sound and music than is known. Even without knowledge of music therapy, everyone knows the effects that music that joins people together has on their relationships - for example, the sound of sirens, the sound of the national anthem or the sound of campfire songs sung by parents and children alike. We don’t usually start a campfire in my course, however we do focus on sound and music. We sing, we discuss our lives and the lives of fictional characters from folk songs, we explore sounds and the associations they have, we learn the importance of quietness, etc. You can find out more about music therapy here.
  • Relationships: Relationships are like bridges for information. Low-quality bridges cannot carry significant information, and hence we take great care to create and maintain good-quality ones at our gatherings. After all, we are preparing children for real life, not training monkeys.
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Výklad o houslích

A presentation about the violin

Strunová laboratoř

A string instrument workshop

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